what’s this i don’t even know

morning seeking out,
but instead we prefer to
fold our wings, and wait for
them to automatically
thaw from sleep.

we head out.

so, um, dared by a friend. write seven facts about you! but she didn’t tell me which blog i should write, soooo.

  1. i’m a girl. alright, that’s universal fact. a student. that’s quite un-universal right? (is it a word?)
  2. i love literature. so do other people. hey, i am not told to give spesific fact!
  3. chocolate is life. anyway, i re-read all my posts and was all, is this me the one who wrote all of them? because believe it or not, i sound waaaay older than i should be. and my vocabulary isn’t so good. so is my grammar. rip english.
  4. a proud indonesian. alright, here’s the spesific fact! i began to love indonesia since i accidentally read a biography of founding father, Sukarno. yesh. that person.
  5. um, i’m learning russian now. just so you know.
  6. i’m thinking to learn latin as well. don’t make fun me. latin is dead language, but it is really useful when it comes to etymology.
  7. i hate stereotype.

anyway, i found this quote:

The best fate is to never be born, the second is to die early, and the last is to live long. (Soe Hok Gie, and yes, this is in Indonesian, translated randomly by me).

i don’t agree though. i want to live till, maybe sixty or something. but, alright, you have to agree that quote is really, really deep.


find me!

find me /here/.
decided to go anew.
thank you o/

so, the last post is somewhere around 2014. alright.
this blog has gone through a lot, and i’m not overstimated it. really.
from nothing to something. really proud.

this one has gone into memories, not going to delete it, like my previous blog(s).
because there are a lot of my writing and it’s gonna take really long time to move it.

see you there!

So, Christmas!

Christmas is the best holiday for me, ehe. It always amazes me, both physically and spiritually. Even though, Indonesia is the country populated by a lot of Moslems, but still.

Well! Christmas is only once a year, so do enjoy this one because from time to time, I’m sure it’ll be different!

And, oh. Do enjoy Home Alone. Lol. Every Christmas, there’s always a channel which runs the films from series 1-4 and I always watch them faithfully lololol.

Merry Christmas!
~fleur, 1224