30th of April

i dunno what the fck is happening with this because i’ve published TWO posts and those are FAILED. daaammmnnnn and i didn’t save those two.

first one is about my birthday, i remember correctly that i posted it at 12 am in April 30, 2014.

the second one, is about my appreciation for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Saviour, lovely family, annoyingly annoying brother, friends (there are bonuses for my dearly first love—no, i don’t feel the same way as before, but i love him as my friends—also my bestfriends and acquaintances), also my gratitude for them because they show me how wonderful life is and how worth it is to be kept.

anyway. i hope this post didn’t go fail again because if this fails, im gonna murder everyone.

happy birthday to me! *hugs herself*


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