complexion of white canvas: of pride and crying

Made after reading an angsty fiction. I was like dammit, ready to cry after I finished. But, no. I couldn’t cry because, I’m in living room and so are my parents and brother. If they see me crying… Well, they will label me as a mad and my brother won’t stop laughing. So, this is made to let out my frustration. /smiles innocently (?)/

complexion of white canvas
– of pride and crying –
word count: 437 (+ omake: 497)

She wouldn’t cry. She already swore that it wouldn’t happen.

Yet, she found herself staring at her cellphone’s screen, eyes glistening because, dammit, a little more and she was sure as hell that she would break and cry.

But, if she couldn’t hold at least a few minutes, surely her pride would be wounded because—

“Come on, Flee! I know you’re about to cry!” Astrild teased and Flee growled.

“Am not. Shut up, Ast,” retorted Flee. Her eyes still focused on her cellphone’s screen. “I won’t cry just because some cliché stuffs you gave me to read.”

“But, I’m sure you will break, Flee. Just a bit amount of angst and you’ll be moping right now,” said Astrild playfully.

Flee wasn’t sure what she would do right now—put her cellphone nicely and hunt down her dearly character, or deadpan and continue to read the story until it ended, or just break down and cry, because—dammitbastard!—this story was so… angsty.

One look at Astrild—with the annoying grin of hers still plastered across her damn face—and Flee decided that the she wouldn’t choose the third option. Because a) it cost all her pride and b) she wouldn’t let Astrild of all people be the one who see her soft side. No. Even though she was the first character made by Flee. Just, no.

Maybe this was a clue to do her alternative plan section A number four. A plan to deal with Astrild Erretha.

“Hey, Ast,” Flee called, “wanna play Truth or Dare?”

Astrild blinked. “Sure. Truth or dare?”

“No, no.” Flee shook her head, “you are the first—truth or dare?”

“What?!” Astrild protested. “You are the one who suggested to play—!”

Flee tsked. “Is it the way to tell me that ‘I’m so coward! I’m not gonna be the first!’ Hm?” She mocked, her triumph grin plastered across her face. Alright, ace card settled down.

As usual, Astrild glared her. “Alright. I choose dare, young miss.”

This made Flee’s grin grew wider. Her plan, succeeded!

“I dare you to go out—leave and do not come any closer to me and my house—until the rest of day.” She ordered.

For the nth time, Flee was so grateful to make Astrild hating so much to be labelled as coward.

“Okay.” Astrild grumbled. A few minutes later, Flee heard the front door of her house closed rather roughly, along with Astrild’s shout.

“I shall come tomorrow, Flee!”

Well, she smirked. She wouldn’t have her pride wounded and Astrild would stay away from her house.

So, she could cry with no problem now.


Omake xD
“So. Truth or dare, Flee?” Astrild challenged and Flee groaned.

“No, Ast. That’s yesterday’s game. It’s expired now,” argued Flee.

“It isn’t fair, y’know! You haven’t done anything—and you are the one who suggested to play—!”

“Hmm? So you are a coward—?”

“Shut up!” Astrild interrupted. She gave Flee her most frightening glare and Flee just smirked.

Okay, I feel alright now. Huft.

edited: May 28th
So xD I just re-read this and found grammar mistakes 83 also, added omake (because, really, teasing Astrild and calling her coward is fun 8DDDD


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