complexion of white canvas: sunshine

This was meant to be submitted to a certain challenge, but I found that this piece turned into a failure so I changed my mind. But, I couldn’t help but want to publish it. Since I forget my FictionPress’ password and e-mail, so, WordPress sounds good anyways. /shrugs/

complexion of white canvas
– sunshine –
word count: 177

“Really, I don’t understand why you did this just for me to smile, but…” A smile appears, “thank you so much, you did a good job.”

You laugh, stratching the back of your head. “It doesn’t matter, Nattie. Guess that I couldn’t keep that as a secret, huh?”

The smile of the person who called by you as Nattie grows into a smirk. “It was all written on your face actually,” She says, “kinda like this: ‘Hey, Nat, look! I made you this and all you have to do to thank is smile’.” She laughs, and then you too.

“I’m glad you like it, anyways.”

She stops laughing, and then stares you firmly. “No—I love it.”

A smile appears on your face. “Thanks.”

Who knows that a certain application, literally, suggested you to do this? But, anyways, it doesn’t seem to bother Nattie to know how you came up with this idea.

So, it is better not to mention this to her. Or the smile on her face will disappear and you still love your soul.

To clear some confusions (in case if any of you have):
1) Written in 2nd POV. You know, using ‘you-you’ as the 1st character. And, I can’t come up with name nor gender, so it’s up to you to decide~!

2) What Nattie’s friend did, my fellow, will remain as a secret. /winks/

Wohooo~ light-hearted drabble because I heard a nice song and it brought up my mood to write a light-hearted one instead of a dark theme I’ve been struggling to do.

Anyways, it is meant to be “sun” theme. I think I don’t digress from the theme, since sun, in my opinion, means innocence and happiness. Aw.

Ehm, until next time~!


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