the first step of the journey

alright! i recently read a post about how to blogging nicely /cough/ and i realize that i even haven’t done the first thing a blogger should do to start his/her blog. aw, pardon me. /bows down/

first of it… who am i? okay. the penname of mine is fleur/flee. there are many variations of it (e.g. fleur de aerretha, flee d’ lunar, etc.), but the main of all is fleur or flee. next, why am i blogging publicly? since i need a place where i can share all my thoughts, as simply as that. why am i not keeping a personal journal then? quite tricky. i want privacy, but at same time also i want to tell someone about my privacy. er, i’m quite complex, right. then, followed by what’ll i post in heremany, duh. since i’m quite good at telling my thoughts by writing a story than sharing it straightforwardly. there’s a point where i can’t even think about story and write it directly because of stress or something like that.

this one is a… good question. who would you love to contact with via your blog? i’d love to have friends in here, i admit it. but, note that i’m… quite shy and even tend to be antisocial. look, i have been joining a course, and i even have no friends at there until this moment. and this question is a bit hard to be understood by me; if you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished? i don’t know, i haven’t decided what my targets in this blog — well, scratch that, i think i’d love to have a hundred posts in here.

oh, and the last question! why should people read your blog? dang, it’s hard. um, i guess… so they can understand the way my brain works…? /not quite sure; kicked/

courtesy of questions: this. i think it’s nice to write about it, so i did it. anyway, thank you so much! /bows deeply/


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