starships were meant to fly –

for longing for gravity prompt. although it’s for june 4 and today it’s june 12. i recently discovered about daily prompt, and when i saw this prompt, ideas suddenly popped up in my mind. well… so i guess i can share it here, since i don’t want to waste it; also writer’s block taught me many things, y’know.

“starships were meant to fly.” – starships, nicki minaj.

“I am sorry, Astronaut F.”

“Really, Captain? Is that your first sentence? I thought it’d be; how’s there or are you hurt or something like that.” Astronaut F joked. She continued before her interlocutor spoke anything. “But, no. Don’t be sorry, Captain. It’s not your fault, anyways.” She tried to laugh, to melt down the tension between her and her captain. But it turned out like a forced laugh. “I am the one who volunteer to go, so it’s mine.”

The captain were speechless. “I know, but–”

“Believe me, Captain. I truly don’t blame you,” the astronaut interrupted. “The connection I’ve made has fifteen minutes before it breaks itself. So, let’s get rid of it, alright? I don’t want to spend next ten minutes to decide whose fault it is that made me to maroon in Mars.”

Although they were in different side of planet, the astronaut could see that her captain tsked in a huff. The image made her laugh a little. Everytime they argued, it always ended with her victory and the captain would tsked in a huff. But when she couldn’t hear any sound from the other side, it made her worried a little. Had the connection disconnected itself before at a set time? But she was sure as hell it would break itself–

“Fineena, are you still there?”

The astronaut jerked when she heard her name was called. “I am. Geez, Captain, you don’t have much time to muse something over there. Your musing costs three minutes go waste, you know?”

“You know, since there are still seven minutes before the connection breaks, I want to confess something to you.” Her interlocutor said.

“Alright, go on.”

“You are the best things that happen in my life.” He confessed quietly. It succeed to make Fineena caught off-guard when heard the blunt words from her captain. Usually he was a composed person, always thinking before talking and his voice would be stern and… having a hint of authority. Although he was only two years older than Fineena, the manner of his speaking often made him older than his current age.

“Who are you and what have you done to Alex?” She replied sharply when she had done to gather her wits.

“What have he done, by the way?” Another voice, not Alex.

“Fleur?” Fineena asked.

“Last time I checked, I was.” The astronaut still could hear over unholy amounts of confidence in her partner’s voice. “Anyways, you haven’t answered my question.”

“What question?”

At the other side, Fleur rolled her eyes. “Of course, what have you done to our poor captain? He gave me this little microphone and ran for dear life with a red face.” She said. “He made me confused, as well as all of workers in here.”

“Huh? So he wasn’t alone?”

“Certainly! How in hell could we leave him alone when he talked to our awesome astronaut who is stranded in Mars and her life is at the edge?!” Fleur cried and Fineena put away the microphone before Fleur could make her deaf. “And to add more, it’s my dearly Fineena!”

“I know, I know, no need to cry, Fleur,” she nagged.

Fleur sighed. “I know, okay. But it’ll be the last time for me to do it, Fineena. Gimme a break, alright?”

“I…–” Fineena stopped abruptly when she heard a low voice from the other side that clearly didn’t belong to Fleur.

“Hey, Fineena, do you have any last words to us? My co-worker asked earlier,” Fleur questioned.

“You make it sounded like I am going to–”

“Shut up and just answer.” Fleur ordered sternly, making Fineena flinched.

“Alright, alright! Okay, let’s see. I’m going to miss the new coffeehouse we visited a few weeks ago. Also you haven’t treated me pizza, y’know Fleur. I’m going to demand this to you, but I don’t have much time, huh?”

“Continue. Do not stop. You only have three minutes.”

Fineena inhaled deeply, before she continued. “Tell everyone I’m sorry for anything wrong I did before. And I hope me can’t come back to Earth doesn’t hurt you deeply, Fleur. You’re too antisocial, and nearly have no friends beside me, if I’m not wrong.”

“Hey!” Fleur protested. “I–”

“I’m going to miss everything.” She paused, eyeing at the timer. Ten seconds left… TIme sure does move fast, she mused. “Also, tell Alex that I do feel the same for him.” Three seconds… two, and–



The connection breaks.

hands up and touch the sky.”

failed angsty. alright, i’m such a fool ;;;;; /cries softly/ but really, me transforming such a… wild song to a good ol’ angsty story is… unexpected. but! this song is the closest one I know for this T_T

anyways! the prompt asked about what i’m going to miss if i were stranded in mars, so here! what fineena said–except the alex part, obviously. at first, i wanna make astronaut F is fleur, but yeah~ too much fleur in story isn’t good for health, right? /giggles/


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