complexion of the white canvas: lady luck ‘grinned’ upon them

for those who miss complexion!
… i talk like there is even a person who loves complexion. /coughs/

Cassie shifted awkwardly. The microphone in her hands was shaking, and so were her hands—which were really cold, like they were from freezer. She looked pale; beads of sweats damped her forehead. She had already been trying various ways to calm her nervous since an hour ago. She inhaled and exhaled, then walking around and even thought everyone was pumpkin. She had literally tried. But, no. Nothing happened, except she grew nervous time by time.

Trying once again to calm down, she looked around, and saw Retha standing casually with a piece of paper was clutched by her right hand. She was talking to Will and they seemed to have some kind of serious discussion—showed by Retha’s furrowing brows. Cassie couldn’t see Will since he was giving her his back.

The young lady sighed for nth times. Really, who suggested the director of this talk show to order her to be a… motivator in a freaking life-broadcast talk show?! Whosoever did this, she was sure as hell to beat his or her or even them to death.

Well, who said that Cassie didn’t scary?

Complexion of White Canvas
—lady luck ‘grinned’ upon them—

The life-broadcast’s talk show that Cassie filled in managed to be succeeded. It even is made into a paper-verse—so people can read the conversation that happened when talk show was transpiring, instead of watching it.

I, as an aspiring journalist here—and, psst, don’t tell even a single living soul that I am actually Cassie’s friend, was selected to write an article about it. And I even managed to meet Cassie, and asked about a thing or two about the talk show. Here’s my conversation with her.

Why did you become a motivator at R&W’s talk show? Was you struck by lightning or something?

Ha ha ha, very funny, Fleur. Very funny. Actually, someone suggested me to the director of that talk show. At first, I wanted to deny it but being a kind person, I decided not to.

Did I detect lies?


I know you were lying. Since I am the one who sug—forget it.

Did I detect something interesting from your last sentence?

… no. Next question! Why did you become so wise at there? Since you are actually kind of stupid. No offense.

I’m trying not to be offended by your sentences, Fleur. But I am actually wise, but being a bullheaded, you don’t notice it.

You lied to me twice, Cassie. I’m hurt.

I know. You are welcomed to say something stupid again and I’m sure as hell, you’ll be fired.

Damn right you are.

I am always right, don’t you know?

Nice lie there, Cassie. But no, you aren’t.

Yes, I am. And, seems like we’re going to start argue again and I’m not in mood to see you right now, tell me what the real questions are, Fleur.

It’s a win for me and a loss for you, Cassie! Hahaha!

Very funny.

Anyways, this is the real and only question I was assigned; do you want to share something about that event? Your feeling or something like that?

You are indirectly telling me to tell a story.

Well, I’m awesome, right? Answer that question, Cassie.

Sometimes I think that you are the bane of my existence. And what’s the relation between the question and your self-proclaimed ‘awesomeness’?

Why, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And I’m awesome because I can summarize the entire question a good journalist should ask to only a question. Be thankful of it.

Alright, thank you.

You are most welcome. Now, answer me since I begin to be bored in here.

I can suggest you the best option here; eviction. I evict you so you don’t have to be bored here and I’m not disturbed. Since from the beginning I don’t wish your presence here.

… you wound me.

Well, I do. Thanks for telling me.

I am hurt.


I hate you.

Like I don’t hate you.

… just answer the question, okay? Don’t need to hurt me.


Just answer, please.

… alright. Anyways, to be in a nationwide channel of television was an honor to me. It was exciting and challenging, to be frank, but at the same time I was so damn nervous I could sweat ten times than normal. Actually, like that damned self-proclaimed aspiring journalist said, in reality I’m not really wise. What could make me that wise when talk show? I don’t know really. I guess it was caused by Lady Luck smiled upon me. I was glad, though, that I didn’t embarrass myself or even die when the talk show transpired. To describe my extremely luck here sounds like I’m telling you that Lady Luck actually grinned upon me.

Okay, anymore?

I think no.

Alright. Thanks for your cooperation. Sorry to disturb you and I hope you have a good day.

… Fleur?

I’m sorry, alright? I know it’s my fault to hurt you. We’ve been friends for a long time, and I’m sure you are aware of my sarcasm.

Your point?

Don’t be mad to me, okay? It’s creepy to see you mad at me since I always be the one who mad at you.

Okay, if you’re willing to treat me sometime.

… hey!

The next day, I published the article entitled Lady Luck Grinned upon Cassie—a direct interview with Castradale Arreln, an aspiring motivator. You could say that it was a success. I got promoted instantly by the manager, for my ‘hard work-to-write-an-article-about-Cassie’. It was like Lady Luck grinned upon me too.

Okay, I sounded like Cassie now. But, really, I had to thank her because of the article I wrote, I got promoted.

… on second thought, it was Cassie who supposed to thank me because if it hadn’t been me who suggested her to Retha, she wouldn’t have been a motivator now and still worked in a  coffeehouse as a waitress.

Guess that I should pay her a visit to discuss about it. And also I could ask her to treat me at a new Italian restaurant near my workplace. I always wanted to try their special menu; Red&White Mix. According to my fellow workers, it was a delicious food. They said it was a pizza, though. Since pizza was my number one favorite food, and Cassie had too much money now, well, you could see the connection there.


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