sonata of dreams

I always want to be a famous pianist. Well, if any of you have read hello, may i help you, miss? then you’d probably laugh. But, it’s my long-last childhood dream, alright? I’ve always wanted to be a famous pianist, like Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and many of them. So, mom, your dream also connects to your dear child’s.

Once when I was at sixth grade of elementary school, I wanted to be a fashion designer, but now let’s say I don’t want as much as before. The older you are, then the wiser you are—due to your experiences in life, yes? And also because… I always want a job that guarantees my future—in my perception; fashion designer doesn’t have much guaranty, no offense, alright?

My parents said that I’d make a good docent, due to my intelligence. But, meh, I don’t want a life that spins around school. Alright, don’t have to tell me that I’m such a noisy person.

So, back to the topic. If I wanna be a celebrity, then I’d like to be a famous pianist. Reasons above. But, if I can choose more than one, then I’d like to be an amazing writer too.


7 thoughts on “sonata of dreams

  1. blainecindy says:

    I have the exact same dream as you do. I just started taking piano lessons in February at age 57 – a lifelong dream come true. Isn’t it wonderful?

    • aerretha says:

      Good luck for your piano lessons 🙂
      Yep, it’s wonderful to make your lifelong dream(s) to come true. I once dreamt to go to Bali and when that dream came true, it was just… hard to believe, yeah.

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