dancing in a palace of colorful flowers

Everytime I wake up, the first I always remember is what day is today. Then, if today is weekend, then I’ll sleep again. If not, I jump out and make a beeline to the bathrom. But, meh. This is holiday time, so these activities aren’t in ON mode.

When holiday–yeah!–those activities change, um… a bit maybe. So, I wake up in the morning–no, afternoon after stay up all night, then glance at the clock and if I have an amazing dream, I’ll sleep again. If no, I’ll sleep too. The bed is too warmth and the room is too cold because of air conditioner, alright? Give me space, school will begin next month so I have to make full my ‘sleep’ tank.

So! Today, I had a… this creepy dream. I didn’t remember the beginning–tecnically, I even can’t remember any of my dreams since ten minutes after I wake up, I’ll forget those, give me a space. But all I can remember is that I went to this building. The building was like a labyrinth. Full of doors, but had good lamps. I stumbled to a door that connected to a library. This library consisted of tons of children books. No offense, but I’m not elementary school anymore, alright?

After looking everywhere, I finally got a door. I opened that and saw this creepy alley. Dark and no lamps. Before I could even speak a word, I startled and woke up. I–until now–am kind of sad because I didn’t have a chance to begin my adventure, even though it was just a dream.

But, it’s not Fleur if she stays gloomy all day, yes? So I chose to remember any kind of dreams that stay vivid in my memory. Fortunately, I found one–a yay for me! It’s a dream about me in Harry Potter universe. Cool, right? I had a wand, then joined World Wizarding War II at May 2nd. I can’t remember spells that I used, but this ‘Expelliarmus’. It was nice! But sadly, that day was weekday and I had to go to school. Huft.


4 thoughts on “dancing in a palace of colorful flowers

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  2. Preeti says:

    Very well written 🙂

    • aerretha says:

      Thanks! :DD
      I once thought that this was the worst post I’d ever made and didn’t want to publish it, but well… I wanted to complete the daily prompt, and had no idea except this. And, yeah. Anyways thanks. XD

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