dear me,

from book Sherlock, Lupin, and I : Mystery of Red Rose. in indonesian verse, the first word in page 29 is “luar” (from “luar biasa” = incredible), since i had to write in english, so incredible, that is.

Dear me, (look, I’m writing a letter to myself!)

You are incredible. Stop looking down yourself. You hear me? You are created wonderfully by Lord, you are His beloved child. You have talents, dear. But you haven’t found them. So, stop saying to yourself that you aren’t worthy and useless. Stop that.

You are incredible, marvelous, and fabulous.

No person is created same like the other one, right? Even twins aren’t same each other–not from physique, but mental. Do you understand? I don’t want you moaning and moping about your life now.

Your other self.



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