it’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing —

i can’t say much because i live in a tropical country that passed by equator, and that day was holiday to me so i didn’t feel time was too long or too short. but, yeah, lemme fantasizing in here. if i were lived in northern hemisphere–let’s say, russia?–what’d i do when summer solstice that’s known as the longest day of the year?

one; i’d go skating. all day–well, from the time when the ice-skate area opens till 6 o’clock. i figure that it was summer–correct me if i’m wrong; damn, where’s the geography book when you need it the most?!–and summers are identical to ‘damn damn damn, why is the sun too hot?!’ or something like that. or i’d go to amusement park and spend all day there, playing ferris wheel, roller-coaster, buying ice cream, and everything fun i could think of.

two; spend the rest of the day with my family. why, family’s important, no? although i’m a type of ‘i would rather spend my day being in front of my laptop to socializing with someone’ but, let’s say that sometimes i discard that. yes, that was fun to spend day in front of laptop, but it was more fun to spend with family. oh wow, i’m circulating. forget it.

three; why, of course, laptop! from approximately eleven o’clock to the time where my back would begin to be hurt!


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