run, devil, run

i’m not a big fan of sports, to be frank. i prefer to be in a nice relaxation to burn my skin under the sun. but, i do like running. it’s the only sport i like–oh, and volley too. i never watch intently a sport program in the television. just a bit, then i’d focus on what i was doing. oh, well, i’m a girl who has no interest in sport, anyways.

so in order to do this prompt nicely and properly–tell us your memory (or memories, up to you) about a championship you’ve attended or participated in or watched–i need to go to a flashback. this happened in my fifth grade of elementary school. wow, time sure does move fast–because i’m in high school now, so it’s approximately six years or so. i was a participant of this championship–celebrated for independence day of my country. i participated this contest. if i’m not wrong, it was ‘to ride your cycle slowly–the one who arrives the last would win, it was forbidden to brake and to put down foot’. i cheated a bit, putting down my foot but no one saw it XD guess that is my first and last cheating–since i am never participate in a sport championship again.


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