once upon a dream

to begin this, i have to say that i’m nocturnal. what’s that? living-things that do everything at night. basically, i get ideas when the moon decorates the sky, i type my stories at best when the clock tells that the time’s midnight (or dawn, whatever). to prevent me from babbling, i’d say that i get inspiration and solution for my wanna-be-job as writer at night.

i’ll play my playlists, hear them through my headphone, muse about everything, calculate every words—which one will do the best, let my fingers dance on the keyboard of the laptop. the glasses will be hanging in front of my eyes, my back will begin to hurt, and the air conditioner will influence the air around me–make it cooler and i have to wear recklessly my blanket or something that can keep warmth or i’ll get sick—believe me, that’s the last thing i—and everyone else—want in the world. that’s basically what i always do at night, and that will last until 3 or 4 o’clock—or when my mom decides this time to sleep and will order me to stop and get some sleep. honestly, i begin to think that i have to tell her what i’m doing in front of laptop—y’know, blogging and writing something. from the first when i decide to be a writer, i believe that’s 2010, until this time, she doesn’t know a thing about it.

anyways! as a student, night is the best time to study because it is quiet. no stupid people shouting around (oops, no offense), no brother keeping his nose in my problems, and the most of all; no one will disturb me.

but, i still love when the sun rising up. although i declare that i’m night person, i always love morning. it’s like the beginning of all—and i like beginning more than the ending, don’t know why.

( oh well. i’ve messed too much with grammar. this post is… so wild. )


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