labyrinth of timberland, sort of

– complexion of white canvas collection –
{ labyrinth of timberland, sort of }

The moon shone at the best, its full circle adorned the cobalt sky, along with sowings of stars. Nevertheless, their lights couldn’t hide the mystical and enigmatic side of the night contained. Night animals – or we could say in here; beasts – howled, filling the silent yet tense night with their unique sounds.

Yet, it seemed that they couldn’t gain a single effect to a certain person.

“I don’t know why you all are wasting your time with dragging me here.” Fleur frowned, arms crossing in front of her chest. She clearly showed irritation to a group of people who brought her in a forest at the suburbs instead of a nice red building that she called as her own house.

“But, Fleur! You don’t afraid of ghosts, supernatural things, insects, even cockroaches!” Gabriella complained. She was a member of the group that brought – or in the victim’s word: dragged – Fleur here. Beside her, Gilbert – her twin – elbowed his sister’s rather painfully, mouthing something like ‘don’t tell her!’.

They both received an eerie glare from Fleur.

“You hauled me from Grace’s party, claiming to bring me home but in fact you two had a ‘plan’,” she made quotation marks with her index and middle finger, “and brought me here to know my fears.”

Gilbert saw no chance to tell a lie, so he sighed heavily then nodded. “More or less like that,” he answered, while hoping that Fleur could drop her mortifying glare just now because he began to sweat in fear. Gabriella looked like she saw a monster right now – because Fleur in scary mode wasn’t the best thing to be seen in a creepy forest.

Five seconds – seemed like a century for the twins – later, Fleur rolled her eyes and lowered the frequency of her glare. She strolled past two of them, stopped about five steps from them. With the mysterious tone, she said to Gilbert and Gabriella. “The annular eclipse – I hate the most hence its shine hurt oculus. Gravity called and then it closed not by its own will, but as the punishment. I shall not dwell in dreams but face the reality, the world where gravity exists and everything has its own formula. This is all I can tell thee.”

The twins turned around instantly. Even though Fleur couldn’t see them, she could swear that they eyed her with bewilderment. “Good luck with that.” She finally whispered quite loud to be heard by them, and left.

i’m more straight-forward but, yeah. forgive me for making such a senseless riddle – but i assure you, it has meanings. i tried to make it in old english, however i’m suck. i became lazy to do it near the end so, i just changed ‘you’ to ‘thee’.


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