royal blues

for the nth time, i’m crying, pitying myself because i live in a tropical country called Indonesia for goodness sake :’) there are only two seasons – dry and rain seasons. but, gah, professionality conquers all – so let me fantasizing once again. without geography book, because i have forgotten where the hell i put that.

what i can associate with summer, hm, barbeque maybe? the smell of barbeque – because everyone likes barbeque, no? even though i only eat barbeque-flavored snacks. let me list those snacks; qtela, chitato, lays. those snacks are good, i tell you.

and, from what i have read, summers can be associated with the smell of homeworks – nasty and bad. summer homeworks, anyone? i often read that there are a lot of homeworks given by teachers when summer comes, forgive me if i’m wrong because once again i tell you i haven’t felt the sensation of summer. only dry seasons, anyways.


4 thoughts on “royal blues

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