electric shock

another rant from me. oh well. anyways, i suddenly like livejournal and am now taking a peek at tumblr. this is bad, mayday signal should be casted out right now.

i’m a person that when find something more interesting, i’ll leave and go like a lunatic – like what i have been doing in this wordpress. in this case, i’ll post something, no matter how random it is. like this – electric shock marks my 69th posts. i signed up in wordpress in november, btw. most of my posts are posted in june, this month – like 20ish. do you see how lunatic i am?

so, i’m afraid if i’d abandon this blog. this blog is like my personal-yet-public journal, where i share my thoughts and minds and feelings – although in english.

let’s just hope anything bad isn’t gonna happen, alright? keep optimist! o/

ps: if anyone wants take a look, here is my livejournal. my username’s vegraciexo (another random names, yeah i know – i made it random because i think someday i’ll change it but it says that username change costs 1500 lj coins, darn.), but i’ll frequently use fleur at there, hopefully.


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