three shades of beauty

i think there are three flavors that can personalize myself; chocolate, vanilla, and mint. chocolate to show the real me side. the color is too dark, often don’t being liked by everyone, but surprisingly bitter and sweet at the same moment – it depends on how people taste it. beside it, there’s vanilla too. vanilla shows my other side – cheerful, silly, insane, happy-go-lucky, talkactive, and giving an impression like i don’t care anything beside to live my own life in the world, also it shows sincere and genuine side of me. oops, i don’t being a narcissism person, but a quiz told be that i’m sincere and genuine xD

what about mint? oh, yeah! i don’t forget you, my dearly minty x3 mint shows my first impression to people. i’m quite shy and not open, so when we first meet i might be a little bit silent and maybe it gives you impression that she doesn’t want to be my friend. but, noooo, i want to be your friend. i’d really love too, yet my antisocial side kicks me too hard than the friendly side. at least it’s what i think. 🙂


3 thoughts on “three shades of beauty

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