mystery, still unsolveable

future is a mystery, still unsolveable
to people – even me
dark paths await, beware of the wrong ones
step carefully for you are betting
your own future

people walking slowly
discussing eagerly
’bout; what can be happen ten years in future?

but here i am
kneeling down of frustration
crying out because of heartbroken
whispering quietly to the dark night
to the moon and the stars
to the Lord who creates all of them

“Father, into thy hands I commend
my future.”

yes i’m frustrated because of high school – and produced this random stuffs. forgive me.

fleur // june 30th, 2014


One thought on “mystery, still unsolveable

  1. […] these are treatments inasmuch as the world against us – leaving comfort zone wandering over whys and hows of uncertainty […]

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