injustice is

injustice is when
you only get an one-
fourth of infinity
while another get whole

and you are stuck
to save the infinity,
keep it from
leaking – while
spend it carelessly

it hurts so
damn much. this
is injustice
sadly the world’s
full of it


freedom sets free

when 4
sharp, we
keep selves,
hugging close &
the police couldn’t
bother anymore as the
lines separating between
each other’s place lifted up
and i as well couldn’t end this
more than; and they live happily
ever after. 
just like the fairy tale we
used to read&be read when toddlers

Heh. I like the pattern, just like pyramid’s side. Anyway, happy belated day for one of my friends who celebrates her bornday today. May the next year be yours, dear.

bunch of numbers, actually

can you believe if i say i’m older than you? or, younger than you? or even at the same age as you? who cares?

humans aren’t measured by their ages, but by their maturity, their knowledge, their experiments of life, the ways they think.

i can say that i’m twenty-two years old right now, but judging from how my writing style is, a lot of people will not believe my statement, for it’s invalid anyways – no way i’m 22 now.

visions of future

I lost my appetite to this blog suddenly. So sorry, even though this is the 100th posts of this. I’m trying now to get it back but it is so hard. Because my mind already is set to think this is the biggest failure of my life.

Anyways, let’s leave that heavy sentence.

Daily Prompt discussed about adult things. According to my age, I suppose to be an adult now, um, pre-adult actually. But, my mom told be that I was such a childish for people around my age, so yeah. I’ll always stay as forever young, believe it or not.

As a pre-adult, I have planned my future. It is normal, isn’t it? People want their future to be the best. Planning about future-occupation, education, family, even child. It is completely normal. I even managed to make a list about my future, heh. Blame it on holidays and boredom.

So, start from future-occupation. Right now I haven’t any, to be honest. Well, I want to be a pianist, a writer, and a designer. Basically I want an occupation that doesn’t have to wake up in the morning too much <_< My parents want me to be an educator at university though.

Move to education. Not hard. I want to study in Germany, anyway >_> but I haven’t understood German, even its basic. I am completely a lazy-fat ass person. Universities in England are cool, so are in America. I guess, Harvard or Cambridge isn’t bad. Although my country’s national university isn’t too. Heheh.

Family? Child? Er, well, I haven’t thought too much in these sections. Because those three are too important to me. But, planning it right now sounds not bad.

For family, I want to marry around 24. As for child, huh, three? Yes, three sounds good.