rain, rain, go away

rain, rain, go away–
(pretty white clouds she saw earlier were now changed to dark, stormy, nasty black clouds, blew by bad, bad, bad north-east wind.)

You limped, your gaze clouded by fog from nowhere.

One, two, three–stumbled.


come again some other day
(blue, blue bright, wonderful sky which used to contain hopes, loves, dreams–)


What is it?

You blinked, trying so hard to focus your gaze to search what made you stumbled before–and lied on the earth by face.

little johnny wants to play
(–now it was empty.)

It turned out into a worn-out, dirty, and ragged white beach towel. Its color was like your fur’s–it used to be white, pure beautiful white. But due to world’s harshness, it changed into a dull one.

in the meadow by the hay
(there was no hope anymore but frustration and darkness.)

Such a pity.

You tried to smile, but what you managed to make was a grimace.

rain, rain, go to spain
(no smiles, no laughters, no happiness–)

To the world you were one of unlucky kittens which was abandoned by heartless people. To the world, you were such an useless animal, knew nothing except to mewl.

The world was harsh.

But you had to be strong, strong to live. Or else, you would die.

And you didn’t want it to happen. Not yet before you found your mother, people who threw you away… heartless people who separated you from your mother.

never show your face again
(but cries in agony and disappointment.)

You curled yourself in the worn-out towel. At least, you had a thing to warm yourself, which was enough for now.

Lifting up your face to see the gloomy sky, you saw that it understood your feelings, for it was raining now.

But for you, it looked like the sky pitying you for your fate.

rain, rain, pour down
(however, you had to know–)

You turned your face. None should be pitying for your fate. None even the sky. The sky supposed to be bright and contained happiness and hopes and loves.

A droplet of rains fell upon your dirty yet warm towel. You counted it; one, two, three, four…

Your once beautiful yet unusual violet eyes began to close slowly.

Will I die here?

but not a drop on our town
(–that after the rain–)

“Uwaaa~! Look at the poor kitten at there, Flee!”

“… you know that I don’t like kittens, so shut up.”

“Nyaaaah! Flee, you are such a cruel bastard!”

“Shut up.”

You blinked when you felt you were lifted up by a person.

“Should we bring it home?”


Your violet eyes saw the person who lifted you up pouting when she heard the answer given by a person she called Flee earlier.

“Give it a bowl of warm soup?”

“Absolutely no.”

“Fleee!” She pouted and looked at you, blinking in curiosity when she saw the color of your eyes. “Say, Flee, do you know a kitten that has a pair of violet eyes?”

“… no?” Flee answered. “Why?”

“This kitten has!”

rain, rain, go away
(–there will be a rainbow.)

this is meant to be an angst story, i swear for the love of my teddy bear! but it turns into failure orz orz orz

anyways! sorry for awol for a few days xd


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