it’s time to begin again

nonsense poem created to a forum, but i don’t have any courage to post this. keywords are banana, star, and milk. since i have no idea how to make a humor one, quite angst then it is.

the stars shining brightly
you whisper in the midst of night,
lying down in a silent, peace-atmosphere prairie
yet they aren’t

this world is not as pure as before
you write in your parchment wisfully
is not as white as fresh milk i often drink
is now as black as the black-inked pen i recently bought

sighing contently, you stare at the cobalt
sky and slowly murmuring something
is it solace? – the grass beneath asking softly
or is it just nonsense talking? – the wind whispering
just what people nowadays like
to whisper to their kinds

for awhile, you are just content
with this silent, a banana-shaped curve
makes its way to your face

just like this a moment…
content with nature, albeit
it is not as pure as before
you enjoying till the sun whispers to you
it’s time to begin again.


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