once is enough

Go away.

I don’t need it.

I said, go away! 

Once a no, it’ll always be no. Now, go away with that thing and never show yourself in front of me.

ah, yes. that’s probably how my conversation would go with that scientist. not a warm one, but no, i don’t care.

i admit that i really want to read what people think about me, what their opinions so i can change better than before. i’d like that, but i don’t want to.

even though i’d be wondering and thinking about things that are uncertain, but i don’t mind. i’m perfectly content with just my thoughts hovering in my mind – those alone are really hard to be dealt, and i do really mind if people’s thoughts are added in it, thank you very much.

there is a certain thief that happen to be liked by me, in The Last Wizard of the Century the third movie of Detective Conan, it was good, go and watch it after reading this – said that there was a kind of mystery that best to be left out unsolved.


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