along these candles

along these candles, the
clock tells
“it’s already quarter to one,”
the calendar whispers
sadly, “it’s a month already,”
but, i stubbornly,
sit across white,
toneless white room. waiting
for you approaching;
giving a big hug,
a warm greetings,
a childish comment,
splashes of colors to
this room,
a “i love you” –
but the door won’t budge.

Sooooo. Hi. Mom decided to end my banned-state because I became a nice daughter to her. Basically this is about “a boy waits for her girlfriend to come, but sadly his girlfriend has already passed away. He can’t accept that, and still is waiting in a white room of his”.

Um, anyway! This is marked as my 99th posts in here. I’d like to give an oration here, but sadly I’m not in mood doing it. Maybe later, when I post the 100th posts.


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