hello, may i help you, miss?

Tell me your day in a word.

What do you mean as “usual”?
You know, wake up late, eat anything edible–if I’m hungry, get my mom angry because I don’t play piano, spend day and night in front of laptop, watch FIFA World Cup although I don’t understand it, stay up all night, and in the end–sleep. Then, start again.

Wow… your day is something… right?
Yes, thank you.

Anyway, what do you mean by your words; get my mom angry because I don’t play piano?
This is… kind of privacy, but… yeah. I love piano, but at the same time I hate it. Do you know what it feels? My mom expects me to play it, be an amazing pianist. I want it, yet I don’t. This feeling is hard to express, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for asking privacy—
No, no. That’s okay. I don’t get angry, and I don’t scream at you. No harm done.

We are reaching the end of this interview, any comments before I end it?
No. I just want to curl in my bed, watch FIFA now and read some fanfics to make my night.

… alright. Anyways! Thank you for your cooperation!
The pleasure’s all mine.

for daily prompt #17. i always want to write some interviews, so here we go! XD


little girl in purple

little girl in
purple, why are
you crying?
there dry your
tears and
let me tell
you a

the world
is a huge maze
of uncertainty

oh little girl
covered by
the pure and
innocence of
hyacinth and

do you know,
little girl?
they said life is
but adjourned shellacking
however they also
said life is a
beautiful present
from Lord

but, do you wanna know
i think about

life is a precious
yet at the same time
it can be
a cursed gift

no need to cry, darling
darling young lady
no need to shed
tears, to
cry out of agony
curl yourself in bed
there are still things
you need to work
until the
end appears

* poem derai-derai cemara, chairil anwar: “hidup ini hanya menunda kekalahan” (i suggest you to read this poem, it has deep meanings in every words)