Well, I don’t apologize for such a bad handwriting.


ace of clover

part 1 – kidding

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The abstract form in front of me frowned and gave out a ‘ckckck’ sound, making me want to throw anything at it. But sadly, I couldn’t – because it was abstract and all I would gain was the poor thing I threw to it just hit the wall.

“I’m serious here, child,” it said in monotone. “I give you three wishes here, and all I have got are wide-eyed, a glass is thrown at me, and you have got to be kidding me sentence.”

I stared at it blankly. “What do you think I am? A child with supernatural beliefs?” I responded dryly,

“All children would be in awe,” it snapped, and I just rolled my eyes in response.

“Doesn’t mean all children should include me.” A lot of people told me that I was too mature for my age – eight, mind you. Yes, I was mature because I didn’t grow in a lovey-dovey place with loving parents, mischief siblings, even a family. From I was a baby till now, a big eight years old, I never felt love, I grew up in streets where a law stated the strongest will stay alive and the weakest will die.

It put a finger on its chin, gesturing that it was thinking. “I guess… you are right,” it muttered. “So it should be most of children, right?”

“Go away.” I snapped in annoyance. “Go find another child to tell your ‘I give you three wishes’ things.”

And a thing that I never imagined before happened. It pouted – freaking pouted like a child that didn’t get a candy.

“Nah, I guess I’ll stick with you until you believe I truly give you three wishes.”

I face-palmed, thinking what this thing would be done to me in later days.

part 2 – laughing out loud

What does lol stand for

I stared at my smartphone blankly, and typed a reply.

… what

The reply came faster than I could think.

just freaking tell me what lol stands for

Seriously? Of all good things in the world, he – the smartest person I had known – didn’t know what the hell lol stands for?!

After a few seconds thinking, I grinned. Yes, my mom told me that I should never make fun of people, but this was too fun to be passed, dammit!

Silently apologizing to my mom because I ignored her advice, I typed faster than the speed of light.

you don’t know? really? i expect you higher, mr. i-am-genius-than-you-thanks

It took a few minutes for him to reply my message. Apparently his pride was hurting because of it. Thinking of this, I didn’t realize my face held an evil smirk now.

i should never ask you about this, i’m regretting my decision.

Licking my upper lip, I smirked.

you ought to be

My finger stopped at enter button. From his message, he seemed like desperate right now.

Sometimes I really hated myself for being soft-hearted person.

and lol stands for laughing out loud, for your information.

part 3 – first

In front of me, sitting proudly a stack of paper contained my first ever story. The paper is full of dust because I placed it nonchalantly – in a warehouse – for safety purpose.

It has been so long…

I still remember the first time I wrote it. Yes, at that time I always hid at the trunk of a car owned by my family when writing a story. Too shy to show it to other people and too afraid to be judged – sadly these treats are still in me till now.

First story of mine is about Naruto fan fiction. Akatsuki especially.

My writing was so damn awful at that moment. But still…

I smile then lift up the stack. I’ll read this later, after dealing with this awful warehouse.

yes, yes, sorry for absent too long ;A; i missed so damn much challenges and to make it up, i wrote this. to tell the truth, i got stuck at the third part because i had no idea, but yeah. that’s it.

anyways, pardon me for grammatical mistakes.